Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 We come, Oh Lord our Saviour,
To lift our hearts to Thee,
To praise Thee and remember
Thy love, so great, so free.
Thy life for us thou gavest,
Good Shepherd of the Sheep,
From death's dark vale thou savest:
Lord in Thy love us keep.

Our sins Thy bruised body,
Did bare upon the tree,
And now we take the emblems
In memory of Thee,
The broken bread the token
Of Thy dear body, Lord;
The cup we take remembering
Thy blood for us outpoured.

But soon we hope to see thee
The ransom for us all
The king of kings in glory
Before whom nations fall.
May we be ever faithful
And worthy of thy name,
That we may share thine honours
Thy righteousness proclaim.

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