Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Father of Lights, all blessings flow from Thee,
Hear, now we pray,
In Jesu's name with all sincerity, Our praise this day;
Oh, let our minds be centered on Thy Word,
Upon Thy love, upon our absent Lord.

We each have laid the world (with all its care
And burdens) down,
And to Thine altar (Christ our Lord) repair,
Let praise resound,
That Yahweh's Name, by us be glorifies,
When we remember Christ for us hath died.

The emblem of His broken body, now
This bread we break,
And for His poured out Blood unto the death
This wine we take;
Thus His commands we joyfully obey,
Remember Him each week until His day.

To Thee, Oh Yahweh, then, with morning light
Glad songs we'll raise;
Our saddest hours, and darkest shall be bright
With silent praise;
And should our work, or Thine, our hands employ,
Thy will shall be our law, Thy love our joy.

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