Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Who was saved when heaven's vast fountains
Did their flood of death begin,
And all flesh on plains and mountains
Perished in the awful sin?
Only Noah, only Noah,
In the ark, by God shut in.

Who was saved from direst horror
At that unexpected hour,
Wherein Sodom and Gomorrah
Sank overwhelmed to rise no more?
Lot, the faithful; Lot, the faithful.
Was alone removed to Zoar.

Who was saved when desolation
Fell on Salem's guilty head?
When the accursed abomination
All the holy place overspread?
Friends of Jesus, friends of Jesus,
They alone to Pella fled!

Fear not, then, nor tremble, brethren
When the last dread trump shall sound
Safely to Him ye'll assemble,
Gathering your Redeemer round:
And before Him, and before Him
Ye shall stand in glory crowned.

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