Berean Christadelphian Hymns


SONG NUMBER H172_tune2

 We come, Oh God, to bow
Before Thy throne,
To pay our solemn vow
Through Thy dear Son.
He is our High Priest there,
To incense faithful prayer,
Hear, gracious Father, hear
His spirit's groan.

We lift our hearts to Thee,
Seeking for grace!
May we Thy goodness see
In Jesus' face.
Keep in Thy narrow way,
All who Thy word obey,
Lest from Thy paths they stray,
And lose the race.

Satiate with truth and love
Our hungry souls,
Fill from Thy springs above
Thine altar bowls.
Into Thy pastures green,
by Thy still waters' sheen,
Thine own lambs weak and lean,
Gather in folds.

Hasten, Oh God, the hour,
When free from sin,
We'll rise, Thy sons of power,
Glorious within.
And, with Thy Christ confessed,
Blessing and ever blest,
Rule over the earth at rest,
In the Amen.

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