Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Most glorious things are spoken
Jerusalem, of thee;
To all God's saints the token
Of love and liberty.
Who shall thy hill ascending,
From pain and sorrow free:
From sin and death's contending,
The living glory be?

Who shall receive the pebble,
The raiment pure and white;
The holy name of Ail,
The change to spirit light?
He who has hands of cleanness,
Whose heart abides in truth;
Whose soul abhors to leanness,
The vanities of youth.

He shall receive the blessing
Of Yahweh's saving grace;
And, righteousness possessing,
Shall see him face to face.
Yes, wondrous things are spoken
Jerusalem, of thee;
The oath cannot be broken,
And we its joys shall see.

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