Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Brethren , let us walk together
In the bonds of love and peace;
Can it be a question whether
Brethren should from conflict cease
'Tis in union, 'tis in union,
Hope and joy and love increase.

While we journey homeward, let us
Help each other on the road;
Foes on every side beset us,
Snares thru all the way are strewed;
It behoves us, it behoves us
Each to bear a brother's load.

When we think how much our Father
Has forgiven and does forgive,
Brethren, we should learn the rather
Free from wrath and strife to live,
Far removing, far removing
All that might offend or grieve.

Then let each esteem his brother
Better than himself to be;
And let each prefer another,
Full of love from envy free;
Happy are we, happy are we,
When in this we all agree.

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