Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Oh Thou everlasting Father,
Give the kingdom to Thy Son:
He has died that He might gather
All God's children into one:
For the travail, for the travail
Of His soul, let this be done,
Let this be done.

Then the North, in darkness shrouded
Jacob's rising star shall bless!
And the Eastern morn, unclouded,
Bring the Sun of Righteousness,
Cheering, healing, cheering healing
With the brightness of His face, of his face.

Yea, it must be: Thou hast spoken,
And Thy covenant shall last:
Though the arch of heaven were broken,
And the earth's foundation cast
Down to ruin, down to ruin;
Ever, Lord, Thy word stands fast.
Ever, Lord, Thy word stands fast.

On Thy holy hill of Zion,
Thou hast long ordained His seat,
Now, as Judah's conquering Lion,
Lay all foes beneath His feet,
Let His ransomed, let His ransomed
In the final triumph meet.
In the final triumph meet.

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