Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Dreary and dark our way
Throughout the evil day,
Wrongs we deplore;
But whom Thou lovest well,
Thy chosen Israel,
Glad in Thy light shall dwell,
Light evermore!

Sorrows our souls distress,
Anguish and bitterness,
Our cup runs over;
Yet by thy sacred page
Thou dost our grief assuage,
Ours in the coming age,
Joy evermore!

Oh! Thou art far above
Dearest of human love,
Thee we adore;
Comfort our hearts and bless
Us, in our loneliness;
Thy love is fathomless,
Love evermore!

Sleep we death's dreamless sleep?
Thou wilt Thine Israel keep,
To life restore!
Wait we Thy coming, Lord,
Armed with the Spirit's sword?
Ours, then, the rich reward,
Life evermore!

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