Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Lord, we wait the time of blessing,
Resting on Thy promise now,
Hear our prayer, the throne addressing
Lord, how long? why tarriest Thou?

Come upon the wings of spirit,
Come, redeem Thy mourning bride
Give the kingdom to inherit,
Give her glory at Thy side.

Many days of toil and sadness,
Many wrestlings for the prize,
Have prepared her for the gladness
Of that day of sweet surprise.

Long hath sin and death enslaved us,
Long in dust hath faith remained;
Come, Oh Lord, with might uplift us,
Give Thy saints the victory gained.

Lord, our hope and consolation,
Bring Thine Israel quick release;
Oh, refresh us with salvation,
Be our strength our joy, our peace.
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