Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Sing praise! the tomb is void
Where the Redeemer lay;
Sing of our bonds destroyed,
Our darkness turned to day.
Weep for your dead no more;
Friends, be of joyful cheer;
Our star moves on before,
Our narrow path shines clear.

He whom so patiently,
The crown of thrones did wear,
He hath gone up on high;
Our hope is with Him there.
Now in His truth revealed;
His majesty and might;
The grave has been unsealed;
Christ is our life and light.

He who for men did weep,
Suffer and bleed and dies;
Firstfruits of them that sleep,
Christ has gone up on high.
His victory hath destroyed
The shafts that once could slay;
Sing praise, the tomb is void
Where the Redeemer lay.

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