Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 The water and the blood, Oh Lord!
They cleanse us from our sin,
When, by the Spirit of Thy word,
We are renewed within.

The water purifies, Oh Lord!
The heart that seeks Thy face,
In the obedience of Thy Word,
To know Thy saving grace.

The sprinkled blood redeems, Oh Lord!
When faith hath wrought by love,
To hearken to Thy word, Oh Lord!
As spoken from above.

Accept the sacrifice, Oh Lord!
And let this burial be,
A good confession of Thy Word,
In its true mystery.

And manifest Thyself, Oh Lord!
Unto Thy servants here,
With all the power of Thy Word,
To aid, console, and cheer.

And may Thy mercy still, Oh Lord!
Keep (him - her) on every hand,
To gain the promise of Thy Word,
The glory, and the land.

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