Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Thus saith God of His Anointed
He shall let My people go;
'Tis the work for Him appointed,
'Tis the work that He shall do;
And my city
He shall found, and build it too.

He whom man with scorn refuses,
Whom the favoured nation hates,
He it is Jehovah chooses;
Him the highest place awaits;
King and princes
Shall do homage at His gates.

He shall humble all the scorners,
He shall fill His foes with shame;
He shall raise and comfort mourners
By the sweetness of His name:
To the captives
He shall liberty proclaim.

He shall gather those that wandered,
When they hear the trumpet's sound
They shall join the sacred standard;
They shall come and flock around;
He shall save them;
They shall be with glory crowned.

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