Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Thou, the great, eternal God,
Art high above our thought;
Worthy to be feared, adored,
By all Thy hands have wrought;
None can with thyself compare;
Thy glory fills both earth and sky,
We, and all Thy creatures, are
As nothing in Thine eye.

Of Thy great unbounded power
To thee the praise we give
Infinitely great, and more
Than heart can ever conceive;
When Thou wilt to work proceed,
Thy purpose firm none can withstand,
Frustrate the determined deed,
Or stay thy Almighty hand.

Thou, Oh God, art wise alone;
Thy counsel doth excel;
Wonderful Thy works we own,
Thy ways unsearchable;
Who can sound the mystery,
Thy judgments' deep abyss explain?
Thou whose eyes in darkness see,
And search the heart of man!

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