Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Turn us again, Oh Lord, our God,
And upon us vouchsafe
To make Thy countenance to shine,
And so we shall be safe.

A vine from Egypt brought Thou hast,
By Thine outstretched hand;
And Thou the heathen out didst cast,
To plant it in their land.

But now burnt up it is with fire.
It also is cut down;
And from Thy land hath perished,
Because Thy face doth frown.

Oh let Thy hand be still upon
The Man of Thy right hand;
The Son of Man, whom for Thyself
Thou madest strong to stand.

So henceforth we will not go back,
Not turn from Thee at all;
Oh do Thou quicken us, and we
Upon Thy name will call.

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