Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Thou, Oh Jehovah, shalt endure,
From change and all mutation free,
And to all generations sure
Shall Thy remembrance ever be.

Thou shalt arise, and mercy yet,
Thou to Mount Zion shalt extend;
The time to favour her is set;
Her sorrows now shall have an end.

Thy saints take pleasure in her stones,
Her very dust to them is dear;
All heathen lands and kingly thrones
On earth Thy glorious name shall fear.

God in His glory shall appear,
When Zion He builds and repairs;
He shall regard and lend His ear
Unto the needy's humble prayers.

The afflicted's prayer He will not scorn,
All times this shall be on record;
And generations yet unborn
Shall praise and magnify the Lord.

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