Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Oh Lord, Thy judgments give the king,
His Son Thy righteousness,
With right He shall Thy people judge
Thy poor with uprightness,

The just shall flourish in His days,
And prosper in His reign;
He shall, while doth the moon endure,
Abundant peace maintain.

His large and great dominion shall
From sea to sea extend:
It from the river shall reach forth
Unto earth's utmost end.

Yea, all the mighty kings on earth
Before Him down shall fall,
And all the nations of the world
Do service to Him shall.

For He the needy shall preserve,
When he to Him doth call;
The poor also, and him that hath
No help of man at all.

His name for ever shall endure
Last like the sun it shall:
Men shall be blessed in Him, and blessed.
All nations shall Him call.

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