Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Hallelujah ! Yahweh's name
From the heavens aloud proclaim !
In the heights of glory raise
Shouts of triumph to His praise.
All His angels, praise your King;
All His hosts with gladness sing;
Sun and moon and stars of light,
In your Maker's name unite.

Heaven of heavens! ye clouds that move
Over the heavens, declare His love,
God commanded, forth ye came !
Evermore extol His name,
And ye shall for ever be
Sure and firm in His decree !
Who can change His sovereign word ?
Heavens and earth, extol your Lord !

Towering cedars, fruitful trees,
Bear His name on every breeze !
Cattle, birds and creeping things;
All ye nations, princes, kings !
Every ruler, every one
Aged youthful sire and son,
Maids and children voices raise
In your great Creator's praise !

Hallelujah ! Yahweh's name,
Earth and heaven in glad acclaim,
Praise ! exalted is alone
God ! extolled by every one
Glory, earth and heaven above
Yahweh is the God of Love !
He, His people's horn doth raise,
Join all voices in His praise !

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