Berean Christadelphian Hymns



 Give praise and thanks unto the Lord,
For bountiful is He;
His tender mercy doth endure
Unto eternity,
God's mighty works, who can express
Or show forth all His praise?
Blessed are they that judgement keep,
And justly do always.

Remember me, Lord, with that love
Which Thou to Thine dost bear;
With Thy salvation, Oh my God,
To visit me draw near;
That I Thy chosen's good may see,
And in their joy rejoice;
And may with Thine inheritance
Exult with cheerful voice.

Oh Lord, our God, deliver us
The heathen from among,
That we Thy holy name may praise
In loud triumphant song.
Blessed be Jehovah, Israel's God
To all eternity;
Let all the people say, Amen
Praise to the Lord give ye.

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